Unity-project by MassDriver

Try the multiplayer now!

Server is up 24/7. To connect you just need to run FreelancerProphecySDK.exe, select your ship and start playing.

A small project with great ambitions

MassDriver's project embodies the irresistable desire to expand upon the capabilities of the original Freelancer, while modders have already exceeded its limits.

Its main objective is to recreate Freelancer's combat gameplay mechanics as accurately as possible. At thesame time, it aims to expand the multiplayer with a variety of new activities to make it more enjoyable on the long run.

The author's main goal is not only making a spiritual successor to the original, but also providing an SDK so that anyone who wants to make a Freelancer-like project in Unity wouldn't have to start from scratch.

Video about fresh Dev-version

Examples of multiplayer gameplay