Mods for Vanilla Freelancer

Nomad Legacy HD textures pack

HD textures from the mod The Nomad Legacy


  • textures of planets,
  • textures of stations,
  • textures of ships (except Bretonia caps and fighters, Rheinland fighters, Utility crafts).


Advanced widescreen HUD

Includes fixes for widescreen monitors.

Adds new interface elements in your UI:

  • target status,
  • playership status,
  • weapon groups.


Patch dgVoodoo2. For Windows 10 version 20H2 and later

This patch removes any bugs with lighting in interiors and cutscenes, fixes bugs with environment maps of glass materials.

Also this patch enables textures filtering and MSAA smoothing in native mode.

WARNING! This putch is unstable! Use it at your own risk! It can cause crashes!

WARNING! Not working on AMD videocards!

I still want to download!